outdoor garden table a warm nest on the balcony
TIME:2022-03-07 09:19:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    After decorating the balcony, many people use it to cool clothes, wash clothes, grow plants, or store sundries, etc., so the balcony has become a multi-functional balcony.

    How can it be used conveniently? However, if you carefully build the balcony, the outdoor garden table will make it a romantic restaurant, personal washing space, hanging garden, etc., making the balcony a warm nest, Let you have a kind of impulse to live on the balcony!

    outdoor garden table

    The small balcony is paved with balcony special floor to create a simple and natural leisure area with simple personality and simple metal garden chairs paving.

    After the shop is finished, it can be used as a restaurant or a tea leisure area. In the weekend, the family can sit on the balcony chatting and enjoy the warm sunshine in the afternoon. The back of the outdoor garden table can be planted with their favorite plants, which is very beautiful.

    Or put a outside table chairs by the window, and then read in the sun at noon for entertainment, simple and comfortable, leisure and contentment, who does not yearn?

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     If you want the balcony to create a warm and comfortable personality, you can divide the space into two parts, one side can be used as a leisure part, while placing your favorite plants.

    On the other side, make a washing space to dry clothes. When you want to have a rest, you can have some outdoor garden table, snacks and tea.

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    If the balcony space of a large apartment is large enough, it's better to do something you like to do in Yantai, such as planting plants, sunlight and watering occasionally, which can make the balcony a sea of plants.

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