The conditions of garden tables for sale selection
TIME:2022-03-07 09:34:01 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. garden tables for sale Materials and specifications.

According to different materials, dining chairs can be divided into steel wood composite doors, toughened laminated glass, natural marble, solid wood panels, metal materials, etc.

garden tables for sale

It is recommended to select outside coffee table made of solid wood board or seamless steel pipe. Such tables and chairs, benches and chair legs have more bearing capacity than other materials.

Now the material of garden tables for sale is mainly made of wood with strong sense of hierarchy, especially now more and more people pay attention to environmental protection, and more and more people choose wood material.

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2. Modeling design and decoration design.

The table is a girl who needs your help to dress up attentively. The choice of table and chair modeling design will also hurt the atmosphere of home furniture.

For example, the square table is more suitable for large and medium-sized dinner; The circular outside side table has democratic atmosphere; The dinner table for friends of the opposite sex is more suitable for two people's world.

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As far as decoration design is concerned, we can choose different tablecloths. It is strongly recommended that PVC tablecloths with heat preservation, oil proof and moisture-proof should be used as garden tables for sale. They can not be cleaned well and can maintain the tabletop.

Naturally assume that you just like the traditional sense of hemp and don't find it inconvenient to clean it. Hemp tablecloth is also a good choice. It's better to use some insulation mats to maintain the dining table.

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