black rattan chair with balcony more warm
TIME:2022-03-08 09:43:52 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The balcony floor window design, cane chair makes the space appear particularly romantic and warm, the ornament of various green plants, plus the matching of black rattan chair, the balcony design is very comfortable.

    If the balcony is equipped with a hand outdoor rocking chair set, it is humid, so it is most suitable to lay on the tile. It is equipped with iron flower rack and put on green plants, which is practical and full of pastoral atmosphere.

    black rattan chair

    The small balcony should be a little simple European design, deduce the outdoor leisure feeling, black rattan chair selected outdoor floor, reflecting a nostalgic feeling.

    The laying of retro tile reflects the old feeling. The device of the washing platform has enlarged the function of the balcony, and some flower racks are added to it, which will make the function bigger.

    E-catalogue 17-16-1_副本.jpg

    The leisure chair, the planting of various plants, makes the space comfortable and comfortable. The space next to yoga is OK.

     The narrow balcony space, must in the furniture selection effort, everything is small practical, small cane chair and tea table and flower shelf are very ingenious, let the balcony full of pastoral atmosphere.

    E-catalogue 17-17_副本.jpg

    black rattan chair no matter how designed, is for leisure, comfort, warmth, spacious, so can according to their hobbies, balcony use, do some of their favorite things, such as dining area, entertainment area, washing area, etc.

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