Characteristics of different small outdoor sofa
TIME:2022-03-08 09:57:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. Japanese style small outdoor sofa

Many people like the furniture made of log, because it is more warm and moist, less cold industrial materials. At the same time, log home has texture, durability, environmental protection are all of the style characteristics, so it is also popular.

small outdoor sofa

2. antique rattan chair of black walnut

Log material, simple design, very suitable for Japanese style design style. Cherry wood is selected and the surface is painted with clear water paint, which can keep the color and grain of logs to the greatest extent.

 The small outdoor sofa, with metal edge and wear-proof pad at the foot of the table, which has a layer of protection for family and floor.

E-catalogue 17-16-1_副本.jpg

3. rattan bistro chair bed furniture

Another feature of Japanese style furniture is relatively short, so it will appear that the height of the layer becomes higher, and the visual space is larger. Cloth art and solid wood base small outdoor sofa is also very suitable for Japanese home wear choice.

E-catalogue 17-17_副本.jpg

Let people have the warmth of home, the key is that it can also pull out the floor, become a bed, solid wood small type must! So even if there is no room, friends will not be embarrassed when they come.

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