outdoor furniture sofa style selection
TIME:2022-03-09 14:49:30 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Now many manufacturers in the market in order to win the favor of consumers, take a lot of style names for sofas. In fact, I think the sum up is just a few styles, modern simple, Nordic, Japanese, American, modern Chinese.

      outdoor furniture sofa can be said to be the most popular style, reflecting the pursuit of modern people, especially our young people for life.

    outdoor furniture sofa

    Modern simple sofa is dominated by fabric art, with smooth lines, simple composition and bright colors, forming the main melody of sofa.

    Nordic sofa with modern simple sofa, focus on the simple style.

    The difference is that the black outdoor sofa is closer to nature, advocating the charm of log, so the material is mostly combined with cloth art and solid wood. In addition, it is a good combination of modern, practical and exquisite art design style, and is favored by young people nowadays.


    Japanese style, also known as Hefeng, originated from the Tang Dynasty in China. Like Nordic style, it focuses on the compatibility of nature. The difference is that the Japanese outdoor sofa sale has a kind of elegant abstinence and deep Zen state.

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    American style

    American sofa emphasizes the natural style of home, so the choice of color is mainly fresh, soft and comfortable.

    American outdoor furniture sofa does not emphasize creativity, but tends to be kind home style, pays attention to traditional furniture design, and emphasizes environmental protection materials in material.

    Modern Chinese style

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    Chinese outdoor furniture sofa is mainly simple, without too much decoration in the design, only simple and bright line outline, simple modeling. In addition, the design of the sofa adopts ergonomics, the armrest, back and headrest fit the body curve, and the sitting feeling is excellent.

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