Do you have the right outdoor sofa dining set
TIME:2022-03-09 14:50:52 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

outdoor sofa dining set is an essential part of home furnishing, but the material of sofa is diversified. There are high-end leather sofa and warm and soft fabric sofa. Different materials have different maintenance methods.

1 outdoor sofa dining set: should not wipe or wash with water.

1.Leather sofa has higher requirements for the ventilation condition of the room, too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of the leather, it is not suitable to wipe or wash with water, to avoid moisture, mildew and moth.

outdoor sofa dining set

2.The leather has strong absorptive power, so it should pay attention to antifouling in the process of daily use. suggests that the wicker folding chairs cleaner should be used regularly for scrubbing and maintenance, and the sofa should be lightly tested after being dried with a clean towel dipped in water.

3.If you find holes, rags, burning phenomenon, to ask professionals to clean up.

2outdoor sofa dining set: vacuum at least once a week.

Fabric sofa, generally can directly take off the cloth cover cleaning, so relatively speaking, maintenance is relatively easy.

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1.Fabric sofa used for a long time, to often sit place may play small hair ball, with small scissors or trim hair ball of small machine to remove. If it is found that the thread is loose, don't tear it by hand, and use scissors to cut it neatly.

2.Cloth sofa small stains, you can use sofa or carpet special cleaner, do not use a lot of water to scrub, so as to avoid water infiltration into the inner granite tables, resulting in the sofa frame damp, deformation, but also easy to magnetic fungus.

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Different materials of sofa have different characteristics, maintenance methods are not the same, of course, if you do not divide the material, with a way to maintain, it may not be in the maintenance of the sofa, but in the sofa.

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