Maintenance of rattan love chair
TIME:2022-03-09 14:52:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Now more and more people like to choose rattan and metal chair, steel products have become the mainstream of selection, because of its characteristics can create a variety of special style furniture.

Bright color, fashionable style, modern metal texture, more appropriate trend, and relatively lightweight, fireproof and waterproof features, easy care, no need to worry about insects, mildew and other problems, save time and effort. But even if it has so many advantages, it still has its disadvantages.

rattan love chair

1. rattan love chair is easy to rust

Especially in summer when the climate is humid, the water content is relatively high, and the steel will rust and fall off;

2.It is easy to be corroded by acid and alkali liquid

Because of its own characteristics, it is easy to have chemical reaction, so we should pay attention to prevent chemical liquid leakage and damage;

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3. The rattan love chair should be protected from damage

Iron and steel products are favored because of their changeable shapes. The main reason is that the raw materials are easy to plan and make. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the damage to furniture caused by daily bumps.

This kind of furniture is mainly in dry and ventilated environment, so preventing the sun will increase the service life of the product.

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The deployment of different rattan love chair will have different effects, so there is usually not only one at home. No matter what kind of furniture should be taken care of, not deliberately damaged, to make it play a good role.

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