Maintenance methods of black wrought iron chairs
TIME:2022-03-10 13:50:40 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Avoid sun exposure; Metals are easy to oxidize and deteriorate when exposed to the sun for a long time.

     In order to maintain the durability of black wrought iron chairs, it is necessary to avoid placing it in the direct sunlight, otherwise the surface paint layer is easy to fall off, affecting the aesthetic effect and service life. If the furniture cannot be moved, place a sunshade.

    Avoid collision; During daily use of courtyard iron furniture, try to avoid collision with hard objects, and avoid direct beating of metal products to prevent product scratch or direct damage.

    black wrought iron chairs

    black wrought iron chairs should be handled with care, not drag, otherwise it will lead to edge damage, affect the aesthetic effect and service life. At the same time, try not to move frequently.

    Avoid moisture;

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    When cleaning and cleaning the courtyard, avoid direct flushing with water. You can wipe it with a twisted towel, and then dry the surface with a dry towel. At the same time, after the rainy season, there should be no water droplets on the iron furniture, which should be wiped in time to avoid rust.

    Cleaning and maintenance; The daily use of the courtyard will produce dust and stains. In order to keep beautiful and clean, we should do a good job in daily cleaning. We can use a soft cloth to scrub. If the stains are difficult to remove, we can use a wrung dry towel to remove them.

    Wipe the water stains on the surface with a dry towel to prevent moisture and rust. Of course, you can also apply a layer of varnish on the surface regularly, which can not only maintain the gloss, but also be used for a long time.

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    Due to the material selection of black wrought iron chairs, its purchase and maintenance are still more important.

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