The wicker chairs for sale not next to the wall
TIME:2022-03-10 14:56:07 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    According to our usual habit of wicker chairs for sale such as sofas, beds and desks must be placed next to the wall, as if this is the only way to have a sense of security.

    People like Xiaobian who want to toss about their family when they have nothing to do. They brush home pictures and collect inspiration as soon as they have time. As a result, Xiaobian found a phenomenon.

    wicker chairs for sale

    Many people's grey wicker chairs are not only next to the wall, but also do not look insecure. On the contrary, they are very good-looking, and some are also very practical.

    In fact, because of the skirting line, even if the sofa is placed close to the wall, there will be a small gap between the sofa and the wall.

    After a long time, dust and small hairs will entangle and hide behind the wicker chairs for sale, or socks, small toys and so on. The accumulated dust is difficult to find and clean up.

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    Some living rooms are long enough, or Datong has the walls of the living room and dining room, and the dining table can be placed behind the sofa.

     Generally, when designed in this way, an open storage cabinet can be placed behind the sofa to make the furniture behind the sofa reliable.

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    It can also accommodate a lot of tableware, snacks and so on.But if the living room doesn't have such a big space, keep the distance between the sofa and the TV at least 1.4 meters. Add a chair and a wicker chairs for sale, and there will be a study.

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