Good maintenance buy rattan furniture
TIME:2022-03-10 14:56:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    buy rattan furniture is inflammable. It must be kept away from fire and heat sources when used and stored. At the same time, it cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, otherwise it is easy to deform, loosen and crack.

    The surface of rattan furniture is easy to hide dust. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to sweep away the dust on the surface, then wipe it with a wet rag, and finally wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

    buy rattan furniture

    Regularly wipe the surface of buy rattan furniture with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also make it flexible and lasting, but also have a certain anti moth effect. Having seen so many rattan chair set, you must be ready to go back and transform your home!

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    When it comes to rattan furniture, do you think of the old rattan sofa, rattan tea table, or cheap dirty clothes basket and storage box of your parents' generation?

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    In fact, today's buy rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional framework in modeling, changed the image of simple and crude benzene in the past, mixed and matched with modern furniture making materials with smooth lines, retained simple and natural characteristics, and met modern aesthetics.

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