How to match rattan sofa garden furniture
TIME:2022-03-10 14:57:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

How to match rattan furniture? If rattan back chair is not matched, it may not have any effect, but if a mixture of multiple styles of furniture is used, the effect can be well highlighted.

1.rattan sofa garden furniture Nordic wind

In the decoration of Nordic style, rattan furniture is added. At the same time, it is matched with soft clothes made of green plants, cotton and linen, imitation wool and other materials, adding a natural and relaxed atmosphere.

rattan sofa garden furniture

2.Southeast Asian Wind rattan sofa garden furniture

The furniture full of Southeast Asian elements (wood, rattan and bamboo) is combined with modern design and soft decoration with national style patterns to make the whole space lively and full of rich exotic customs.

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3.Outdoor wind rattan sofa garden furniture

If you have a large balcony in your home, you might as well put a Teng hanging chair on the balcony with several pots of green plants to create an exclusive leisure space.

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