Choosing modern rattan chair the quality of rattan wood
TIME:2022-03-11 14:09:29 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

modern rattan chair is actually a kind of very old furniture. Because it is hand-made by craftsmen with many years of experience, the product is very small.

 Rattan's unique handicrafts and unique modeling taste can add a lot of literary and artistic sense to the furniture. It is strongly recommended that you collect a piece of furniture at home if you have the conditions.

The materials of high-quality rattan furniture are more exquisite. The quality of rattan furniture is determined by the selection of rattan materials. The following methods can identify the quality of rattan.

modern rattan chair

1. See how old and new the vines are

New or old? The longer the growth time, the stronger and smoother the texture. The most important thing is strong flexibility, consistent head and tail, good pressure bearing and full elasticity.

On the contrary, the poor cane has short growth time, low density and flexibility, and is easy to be broken or corroded.

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2.Look at the origin modern rattan chair

Rattan furniture is mostly made of natural rattan. There are many kinds of natural original rattan, which are widely distributed all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, South America and African tropical rain forest.

Among many rattan producing countries, Indonesia produces many varieties of rattan with high yield, and the rattan is thick, full and excellent. The rattan of big brands is mostly produced in Indonesia.

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3. Look at the modern rattan chair appearance 

Whether the surface of rattan furniture is uniform, and whether there will be spots, different colors and moth marks. For the sofa chair equipped with cushion, observe whether the cushion arc is consistent, whether the cushion fabric pattern is neat, and whether the dental floss is regular.

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