Natural outdoor rattan dining chairs maintenance
TIME:2022-03-11 14:10:39 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    See if the frame is firm. When purchasing outdoor rattan dining chairs, you can grasp the edge of the furniture with both hands and shake it gently to see if it is firm.

    Look at the auxiliary materials, rattan table and 4 chairs in addition to rattan, there is also wood, which is matched with rattan furniture.

    outdoor rattan dining chairs

    Wood generally uses all kinds of high-quality solid wood, such as walnut and cherry wood. The grade of solid wood is also one of the factors to judge the quality of outdoor rattan dining chairs.

    Moisture proof: there are many air holes in the rattan product structure. Once in a humid environment, it is easy to absorb the surrounding water, resulting in mildew and decay.

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    Therefore, pay great attention to moisture-proof preparation at ordinary times. Don't place it in a humid environment at ordinary times.

    Pay attention to indoor ventilation and drying in humid weather, and don't wash rattan furniture with clean water.

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    Cleaning, outdoor rattan dining chairs cleaning can take a dry cloth and wipe it with a little light salt water. The light salt water can not only remove the bacteria on the surface of rattan furniture, but also make the rattan more flexible and prevent it from becoming brittle or being eaten by insects.

    At the gap, you can gently brush off the dust on the surface with a toothbrush, or you can use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust inside.

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