Moisture proof means of rattan garden furniture sale
TIME:2022-03-12 09:24:24 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The moisture regain of cloth rattan garden furniture sale generally shows that it is wet, easy to get stained with ash, and it is easier to get dirty when stuck together.

    Therefore, the cloth sofa should use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface. It is best to use a sofa towel with good water absorption performance and wash it often.

    rattan garden furniture sale

    Rattan furniture is relatively easy to prevent moisture. The advantage of rattan furniture is that it will restore its original shape and size after it is damp and dry.

     Therefore, when rattan garden furniture sale is damp, pay attention not to press heavily to prevent deformation, as long as its weaving shape and gap are not deformed.

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    The corrosion of metal handrails or feet when metal furniture is damp, especially the discoloration and spots on the surface of iron furniture. Therefore, rattan garden furniture sale should be often scrubbed with wet cloth and soft detergent.

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    It should not be used in wet environment as far as possible, and pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. Once rust occurs, it should be brushed off in time. In case of wet weather, it is best to clean it with dry cloth.

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