Take moisture-proof measures for rattan garden furniture sale
TIME:2022-03-12 09:36:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    For the Southern home life rattan garden furniture sale, the next March and April is back to the southern sky, which is very humid. Everyone yearns for a dry and comfortable home environment.

    But the four seasons can't always be like this. The cold in winter, the hot in summer and the wet in spring are all right in autumn. What about resisting wet weather?

    rattan garden furniture sale

    For leather rattan garden furniture sale, the leather of leather furniture will harden after moisture regain, mildew will appear on some unventilated surfaces, and even easily lead to deformation or discoloration of colored leather after moisture.

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    Therefore, if you have leather rattan garden furniture sale at home, you'd better wipe the surface moisture with a soft dry cloth and apply mink oil, Mianyang oil, leather oil, etc.

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     for maintenance on its surface, which can not only small rattan chair the leather, but also prevent moisture and mildew; In addition, consider putting some desiccant properly to keep it dry.

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