Add iron dining chairs to courtyard design
TIME:2022-03-12 09:36:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Whether the courtyard is large or small, or there is only a spacious outdoor terrace or a small balcony, we should make full use of the space black outdoor chairs to make people find a sense of intimacy in the outdoor space.

Let's share the concept of courtyard design, from potted plants to iron dining chairs, to inspire you to design outdoor space.

iron dining chairs

1.Courtyard function positioning

The first thing to do in any space design is to determine its core functions, so it is much easier to choose materials, plants and iron dining chairs.

Want to make the courtyard or balcony a place to enjoy time, or a place to overlook the beauty of the city, or just want to break the limitation of a small apartment through them?

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2.Multifunctional design

When space is tight, it is difficult to completely separate different functional areas.

For example,garden dining chairs it is necessary to make the courtyard not only have reserve function, but also serve as children's play area.

E-catalogue 17-10-2_副本.jpg

However, the courtyard area is too small to allow the two functional areas to exist alone. At this time, the small courtyard iron dining chairs can accommodate space at the same time through design.

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