Design of vintage wrought iron chairs orientation
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Courtyards, terraces, balconies and other transitional areas can also be inspired by the garden and the wider surrounding environment.

For example, if the garden is close to the sea and you can see the sea view at home, the metal garden chairs and materials can be styled with the theme of the sea; The balcony overlooks a tropical garden and can locate the courtyard style according to the garden style.

 vintage wrought iron chairs

To increase the sense of space, you can set up pavilions, corridor racks or tension film sunshades in the courtyard. With the element of limited space, it can not only ensure the feeling of outdoor space, but also increase the sense of intimacy and security of the yard.

1. Maintain spatial continuity vintage wrought iron chairs

Use materials of the same style (color system) to strengthen the visual connection between indoor and outdoor space, especially the part of the space connecting the courtyard and the interior.

 For example, if the indoor area near the courtyard is paved with ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles are a good choice for outdoor floor surfaces.

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If more wood is used indoors, continue to use it outdoors. However, outdoor materials will be exposed to the sun and wind and rain, so the material selection cannot be exactly the same as indoor materials, so materials with anti-corrosion performance shall be selected.

2. Plant vintage wrought iron chairs

Green plants can be divided into outdoor life to add garden atmosphere. When the courtyard space is small, potted plants are a good choice. If the space is limited, try to put the flower pot off the ground, so that there will be more space for furniture.

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3. Selection of vintage wrought iron chairs

When choosing courtyard and terrace furniture, relaxation is the key. If space permits, consider swing chairs, rocking chairs, wicker sofas or hammocks.

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