Disadvantages of discount rattan garden furniture
TIME:2022-03-14 09:07:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1. It is not suitable to soak in water or bake at high temperature for a long time. Keep away from sharp tools during use.

     When moving discount rattan garden furniture, it shall be supported and moved without dragging; Furniture shall be placed horizontally, otherwise it is easy to deform; Don't jump on rattan furniture.

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    2.It is greatly affected by the change of seasons.

    3.The service life is short and the service time is long, which may produce a small amount of loose parts.

    discount rattan garden furniture is mainly made of rattan. Rattan is a kind of natural material, which has the advantages of compactness, lightness, tenacity, not afraid of extrusion, softness and elasticity.

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    Rattan furniture technology:

    It mainly includes the fabrication and weaving of the support. Firstly, the support is made of coarse rattan.

    The connection of the support is generally wrapped with rattan skin, and then the discount rattan garden furniture skin is used to weave the weaving surface on the support.

    discount rattan garden furniture

    Finally, it is polished, coated with varnish, and even painted in color, so that the finished product appears firm and durable.

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