What kind of cheap outdoor sofa is better
TIME:2022-03-15 09:26:37 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory outdoor sofa Consider weather and climate

Think about the weather where you live. Is it often below or in the tropics, damp and hot? The direct sunlight will crack the patio coffee table, while the temperature of the metal material will rise under the heat of the sun, which is uncomfortable to use.

cheap outdoor sofa

If you live in a place where there are often tropical storms, strong convective weather or close to the sea, the instantaneous strong wind may also overturn very light furniture such as aluminum or plastic.

2.Leave space around the cheap outdoor sofa

Different from indoor furniture, outdoor furniture has no special functional requirements, so you don't have to match all tables, chairs and benches, or match furniture with coordinated size ratio according to the size of the space.

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Whether it's next to the open outdoor swimming pool or the limited atrium garden, remember to set aside more activity areas.

A high bar table is better than a formal table, because placing the bar stool saves more space. Or you can also consider matching the smaller side cheap outdoor sofa with the sitting pier, which can move the position at any time and be more flexible.

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