Maintenance and cleaning of white wicker outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-03-15 09:27:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Space collocation of rattan sofa: the natural style of white wicker outdoor chairs is a symbol of leisure life. It means to be close to nature, simple but luxurious.

    The comfort and convenience it brings make people unrestrained and free. The arrangement of round outdoor sofa has diagonal type and symmetrical type. C-type, platform type and I-type.

    white wicker outdoor chairs

    Cleaning of white wicker outdoor chairs

    1.After using for a period of time, wipe the rattan with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also make it flexible and lasting, and has a certain role of anti embrittlement and anti moth.

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    2. After use for a period of time, it will become dirty, accumulate ash and even damage, which needs to be cleaned and maintained in time.

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     Vegetable oil and soap are the best cleaners. You can also use trisodium phosphate and some tools at hand, such as wicker and toothbrush, to remove the dirt embedded in the white wicker outdoor chairs.

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