Bamboo and grey wicker chairs has a long history in China
TIME:2022-03-15 15:39:02 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Bamboo and grey wicker chairs has a long history in China, but its development is restricted by its easy cracking and deformation in use.

     In the past, it was common in some villages rich in bamboo products, but rare in cities. Bamboo furniture manufacturers have been in the stage of manual production, backward production technology and single product.

    grey wicker chairs

    However, in recent years, some developed countries have developed advanced bamboo technology and produced very beautiful high-grade bamboo products.

    At present, some furniture factories in China have introduced modern technologies and processes related to the production of new bamboo grey wicker chairs from the state.

     The bamboo wicker bistro chairs produced by regular manufacturers in the market not only maintains the texture and performance of bamboo, but also overcomes its deficiency of easy drying and deformation, but also takes into account the realistic demand concept.

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    Bamboo itself is a good fast-growing resource and a high-quality wood substitute, and there is no need to use a large amount of formaldehyde rich adhesive in the process, so it is more beneficial to human health.

    In addition, the bamboo and rattan furniture on the market mostly uses high-quality Nanzhu from Hunan, Guangxi and. The tensile strength, compressive strength and compressive strength of this bamboo are 2.5 times that of cherry wood.

    The processing method is to peel the original bamboo and cut it into bamboo strips with a width of 3-4cm, and then apply glue under high pressure through a special process to form large plates. The whole process needs more than 30 processes.

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    The treated plates will not crack, deform and degumm, and have the advantages of moisture resistance and moth resistance. Various physical properties are equivalent to medium-grade hard miscellaneous wood. The grey wicker chairs made of this kind of bamboo is beautiful, elegant It is practical and durable.

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