Hardware requirements of stackable wicker chairs
TIME:2022-03-15 17:09:09 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The external feeling of hardware parts shall be dexterous and smooth, the surface shall be electroplated well, there shall be no rust, burr, etc., and the precision of mating parts shall be higher.

     Plastic parts shall be beautiful in shape and bright in color. The stressed parts in use shall have strength and elasticity, and shall not be more than too thin.

    stackable wicker chairs

    In addition, the open connector requires flexible rotation, so that the stackable wicker chairs will be stable, easy and free of friction sound in use.

    The quality of wicker side chairs is directly determined by the quality of the plate. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers should carefully check whether the gluing on the decorative parts of the edge and surface of the plate is uniform.

     whether the table garden set is firm, whether the trimming is flat and smooth, whether the end faces of visible parts such as the side plate of parts, door plate and drawer panel are sealed, and whether the edges of well decorated plates can feel the traces of pasting.

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    The assembly mainly depends on whether the tongue and groove at the drilling hole is exquisite and neat, whether the connector is firm after installation, whether there is a gap in the T-shaped gap after the plane is connected with the end face, and whether it is loose when pushed by hand.

    Experts remind consumers that stackable wicker chairs depends on the grain, color and corners of the veneer. If the grain is not deep and fine enough, it indicates that the thickness of the wood used is not enough.

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    If the color is not natural, deep or light, it indicates that the paint process is not qualified. If there are peeling and warping corners at the corners, it indicates that the processing technology is not qualified, and these stackable wicker chairs can not be purchased.

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