What should we pay attention stackable wicker chairs
TIME:2022-03-16 11:22:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    stackable wicker chairs? In fact, there is no standard answer to such a question. The so-called "radish and cabbage, each has his own love".

    stackable wicker chairs

    Its rich colors and changeable shapes are liked by consumers, and the development situation has been optimistic. So what problems should we pay attention to when buying panel office furniture?

      The so-called stackable wicker chairs made of artificial board as the base material and artificial log color skin or thin wood skin and melamine board as the surface finish. Compared with traditional office, white outdoor sofa, panel office has incomparable unique advantages.

    However, the production of panel office is easy to cause the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. There are still many problems in the market. Can panel office achieve real environmental protection? This is worth pondering.

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    Hardware connection is the most intuitive quality standard. Good hardware should be opened and closed freely without noise and no peeling of surface coating.

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    The hardware of some high-grade wicker bistro chairs is imported, and foreign language signs can be found on it. Because the optional disassembly and assembly is the biggest advantage of stackable wicker chairse, the quality of hardware connectors is very important.

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