Learn eight production black wicker dining chairs
TIME:2022-03-16 11:22:41 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1. Selection of raw materials: there are 600 kinds of rattan, of which the most commonly used are liteng, Hongteng, sarong and Badan. First of all, we should choose rattan materials with uniform thickness and good flexibility to make black wicker dining chairs skeleton and plate flowers.

    2. Grinding raw materials: rattan is a spiny plant, so the raw materials shall be polished first, and the grinding machine shall be used to complete the grinding of raw materials. Rough grinding shall be carried out for the first time, and fine grinding shall be carried out for the second time.

     black wicker dining chairs

    3. Processing raw materials: use fire gun and high-pressure air cooling tools to process on the console. Other patio dining table set bending operations are completed on this console.

    4. The following steps are polishing, assembly, weaving, semi-finished product grinding and final oil injection.

    Purchase method:

    1.It depends on whether the weaving skills are fine and whether the rattan material is excellent.

    2.Gently shake the edge of white outdoor sofa to feel whether the frame is stable. And touch it with your palm to see if it is smooth.

    3.Then observe whether the surface of black wicker dining chairs has uniform luster.

    4.When there are stains, wipe the product with light salt water to remove them.

    5.The dust on the surface can be removed by wiping with a wet cloth. The dust between the gaps shall be removed with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner, and shall not be wiped with detergent or solvent.

    When purchasing, black wicker dining chairs you should pay attention to whether its products are in line with your own home space and whether they are suitable for the environmental style of your home.

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