How many making black wicker dining chairs
TIME:2022-04-19 15:21:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Now we have entered the 21st century. Environmental protection and energy conservation have always been commonplace issues. Whether people use the most digital products, cars and daily necessities.

    And even the black wicker dining chairs in ordinary days has become the direction of business innovation. In fact, this kind of environment-friendly furniture is round patio dining table.

    black wicker dining chairs

    It can be recycled when it is broken. It is not only an advantage, but also proud of its production cost and appearance.

    Rattan table and chair weaving method: first of all, let me introduce the technology of rattan furniture, which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the furniture made by pure rattan technology.

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    There is also a kind of black wicker dining chairs made of rattan wood mixed production technology.

    The manufacturing process can also be divided into eight parts, namely the selection of raw materials, grinding, processing, polishing.

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    black wicker dining chairs assembly, weaving, grinding of semi-finished products and final oil injection. After drying, it can be sold as finished products.

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