wicker dining table and chairs is mainly divided into two categories
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1.Natural rattan wicker dining table and chairs

The roots of natural vines are made of water lilies. These two materials can't stand direct sunlight and humid environment, so they are only suitable for indoor use.

2.Artificial material wicker dining table and chairs

PE rattan and PVC rattan are mostly used outdoors.

Tips: rattan proof furniture has good waterproof and sunscreen performance, but its service life is relatively short.

wicker dining table and chairs

 It has good air permeability, but it does not absorb sweat. It will be ugly and brittle after use; Natural rattan has excellent air permeability, absorbs sweat and discharges moisture.

 Long term use has a health care effect on the body. Under good maintenance, it will become older and more attractive over time.

Advantages of rattan furniture

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Rattan used to make rattan furniture is a kind of natural material with dense texture, light weight and excellent toughness. It is not afraid of squeezing and pressing, flexible and elastic.

However, the wicker dining table and chairs we call today has been largely integrated into modern technology and artistic element culture. Compared with the rattan furniture with rough edges, difficult to survive and easy to moth in the past.

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Modern rattan art furniture has improved these problems through technical improvement. After fine processing of rattan materials, ultraviolet irradiation and steam high temperature treatment make the final rattan art furniture have the characteristics of smooth and delicate surface, mildew and moth proof.

Some wicker dining table and chairs with high quality and exquisite technology should be polished and coated with varnish, so that the finished products are not only strong and durable, but also easy to clean and maintain.

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