How to buy a outdoor garden sofa
TIME:2022-04-19 15:24:28 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor garden sofa is the most important part of the living room home. Sofa is the theme and highlight of the living room. When guests come home, they first sit on the sofa. Therefore, the overall style of the sofa can show the owner's taste and style.

    There are three kinds of sofas: low back sofa, high back sofa and ordinary sofa between the first two; There are four main categories according to the materials used; Leather sofa, fabric sofa, outdoor garden sofa, cloth sofa and rattan sofa; According to the style, it is divided into Chinese sofa, European sofa, American sofa, Japanese sofa, etc.

    outdoor garden sofa

    The purchase of sofa in the living room is divided into three steps: first, consider the comfortable sitting feeling, which will make people relax; Secondly, we should consider the specifications of the outdoor garden sofa, buy the sofa according to the size of the living room, and coordinate the placement; The third is the color of the sofa. The color of the sofa should match with the floor of the living room.

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    Sofa fabric selection: now the outdoor sofa chair uses masked materials, and its color can be matched according to the color of furniture in the home. Selection of sofa fillers: there are many kinds of deep outdoor sofa fillers. High rebound sponges are commonly used.

    The new material polyurethane has excellent density and air permeability. Compared with ordinary sponges, it is environmentally friendly and not easy to deform. No matter how pressed, leaned and squeezed, it can rebound quickly and maintain a good shape for a long time.

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    Ergonomic design is more comfortable; The products designed according to ergonomics conform to the human body curve, which is beautiful and can effectively reduce physical fatigue at the same time.

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