Stability of rattan armchair outdoor frame structure
TIME:2022-04-19 16:02:45 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In rattan armchair outdoor, there are many applications in which the backrest, handrail and front leg are integrated or the handrail and backrest are integrated.

     This structure can give full play to the bending performance of rattan materials. At the same time, the shape also appears round and smooth. In this paper, this form of integration is called two side backs.

    rattan armchair outdoor

    Sometimes the upper back needs to be lengthened by several parts, and the lengthening part is also one aspect of the structural form. Generally, it can be carried out at the junction of the seat surface and the handrail. The important point of the frame structural form is that for the main skeleton stressed parts.

    Use the whole rattan as much as possible. In rattan furniture, in addition to the basic frame, leg support is essential, because rattan is easy to bend and light at the same time.

    The application of leg braces can strengthen the stability of the structure. The forms of leg braces are also diversified, and more cross braces are added in the diagonal direction. Of course, in order to consider the stability of furniture, the legs of rattan armchair outdoor should be tilted outward to increase the contact area.

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    Although the seat surface should have a woven structure, the seat surface support is also necessary. The legs of rattan corner furniture should be supported to support the seat panel and maintain stability, so that the service life of the furniture will be prolonged. The seat panel can also be fixed on it to add cushion and make the furniture more comfortable.

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    Handrail support is another important component of rattan armchair outdoor, with many forms. Handrail support is a good embodiment. Handrail support is an important factor for handrail to maintain a certain shape.

    In addition, there is a backrest support, which is also an important factor to support the back and maintain stability. The same seat surface support has similar effects.

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