Structural form design of wholesale rattan furniture
TIME:2021-08-17 16:34:23 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    wholesale rattan furniture to the limited diameter of rattan, the rattan with smaller diameter must be used as the main frame material to meet the strength requirements.

    wholesale rattan furniture

     At the same time, due to the excellent bending performance of rattan, it can also be bent and twisted. In this way, the material rattan seat chair composition of linear parts of the main frame should be designed.

    The following structural forms of materials are commonly used in design; Single material structure, two material structure, three material structure, triaxial material structure, cluster material structure, twisted material structure and twisted material structure.

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    The material wholesale rattan furniture and modeling effect of each form are different, which can be selected according to needs.

    Form design of frame structure

    No matter what form of frame is, it is basically composed of linear parts. How to match and combine the parts to achieve the required frame form and meet the strength needs is not only an important aspect of rattan furniture frame.

    E-catalogue 16-8-3_副本.jpg

     but also the embodiment of frame structure form, and the focus of wholesale rattan furniture structure design.

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