Different color matching of rattan seat chair
TIME:2022-04-19 16:06:54 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    However, if it is only rattan seat chair, will it be too single? Don't worry. In terms of color, vines are mainly dark brown, coffee and beige, which are easy to match.

    Rattan furniture of different colors can bring different feelings to the room, such as green and white, which makes people feel lively and leisure.

    rattan seat chair

    Blue makes the furniture elegant and quiet; Brown is calm and natural; The same color highlights the trend and fashion.

    When the color of the space is dark, the color of rattan furniture should tend to coffee and dark brown. The color of cushion or table cloth should be similar but not too deep, such as light brown and coffee.

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    For light color home space, you can choose rattan products of neutral color or other colors, and match cushions or cloth decorations with rich colors and bright colors.

    At the same time, the rattan seat chair can not be ignored. When choosing, we should also pay attention to the treatment of rattan fiber.

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    The rattan surface is full of smoothness and keeps the paint film painted evenly. Generally, the style is rattan seat chair with simple shape and less cumbersome lines, so as to have a warm, comfortable, fresh and natural feeling.

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