Diversity of 5 piece rattan garden furniture
TIME:2022-04-22 10:38:33 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    5 piece rattan garden furniture is fresh and natural, with good air permeability, strength and toughness. In addition, rattan furniture has convenient materials and a wide range.

    5 piece rattan garden furniture

    The family members used to weave rattan furniture mainly include rattan, earth rattan, wild rattan, bamboo rattan, white rattan, red rattan, palm rattan, etc., with strong environmental protection and regeneration. A rattan material can be used in different parts of 5 piece rattan garden furniture after processing.

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    From the use, it can be divided into support material and woven material. The support material is mainly rattan. Rattan can be processed into rattan, rattan core and rattan skin, and the part used for weaving is rattan skin.

    Rattan material has good processability, soft texture, high toughness, natural color and warm texture, and rattan skin can compile many superior textures and strong texture sense of rattan core. It is a very ideal natural material whether used in the 5 piece rattan garden furniture or home accessories.

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    In addition, because rattan furniture is easy to match with household products, it can be mixed with items of different materials to create a changeable home environment. It is an ideal material for designers to create life aesthetics.

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