What material is good for outdoor chairs set of 4
TIME:2022-04-22 10:47:28 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. PVC outdoor chairs set of 4

Firstly, the most common solid wood table cloth made of PVC is introduced. PVC solid wood table cloth with low surface lining is the best quality set of 2 outdoor chairs cloth at present.

 The utility model has the advantages of softness, easy folding, various colors, various patterns and easy matching. Moreover, the two chair outdoor set cloth is easy to take care of and has a long service life.

outdoor chairs set of 4

2.outdoor chairs set of 4 Cotton Linen Tablecloth

Hemp tablecloth is the tablecloth used by ordinary families. Cotton hemp tablecloth is not as high-grade and gorgeous as silk and satin tablecloth, but more inclined to a kind of tablecloth used by the general public.

The products made of cotton and hemp have good cost performance, soft and comfortable fabrics, good texture and good key wear resistance. Putting them on the table at home can add more natural decorative colors to the home, Cotton linen tabletop is absolutely higher than Satin tablecloth in practicability.

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3. Satin tablecloth

Satin tablecloths are often used in formal occasions or at home. Because satin fabrics are relatively high-grade, they are very gorgeous and elegant when decorated on the table, but the materials are special, so they can only be dry cleaned.

4. outdoor chairs set of 4 Cloth tablecloth

Cloth tablecloth is the most practical. Its tablecloth fabric is healthy and environment-friendly. Moreover, the tablecloth is generally mercerized and compressed. The tablecloth feels comfortable and the fabric is tight. At the same time, the tablecloth has rich colors and patterns, and the decoration is very strong.

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