How to wrought iron table chairs furnishings
TIME:2022-04-25 15:13:23 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Teak has very strong decay resistance and is often used in interior decoration and the deck of luxury passenger ships. Its color is thousands more than walnut, and its luster is more wrought iron table chairs, so it is also attractive.

    The prices of teak and walnut basically have little difference, and both have a certain sense of massiness. Therefore, when choosing between them, the basic consideration is to coordinate with the surrounding environment and create an overall atmosphere.

    wrought iron table chairs

    Mahogany, commonly known as mahogany, is a patio bistro table to everyone.

    Mahogany has a very clear color and luster. It is used for high scarce wood, and its price is even higher. The color of mahogany is very gorgeous.

    It can also be made into simple shapes, but it has a strong natural sense of metal and more classical decoration. Therefore, there is no very affordable interior decoration. A wrought iron table chairs may seem a little abrupt.

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    Even furniture with the same design can create different interior types according to the different types of wood used. In recent years, the price of mahogany and teak has been increased due to excessive logging and insufficient production.

    The hardness of these three kinds of wood is very high, the price difference between walnut and teak is small, and the price of wicker side chairs is the most prominent. In my own home, considering the overall color matching.

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    Teak, which is easier to integrate with the environment, is selected as the main material, wrought iron table chairs with clear lines and very good touch texture. Friends who like Japanese style and have an obsession with hard wood can consider it.

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