black outdoor sofa purchase details
TIME:2022-04-25 15:44:09 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

If you don't understand the cultural concept contained in a good sofa brand. There is also a lot of confusion in the choice of leisure sofa, so you might as well look at the selection requirements of leisure sofa first, and it will be much easier to choose. outdoor sofa First look cortex

When identifying leather and artificial materials, we should first look at the appearance. Leather has no base and man-made material has base; Then touch it with your hand. The artificial material has a strong sense of plastic and bright luster.

black outdoor sofa

 It feels cold in winter. The leather is smooth without cold feeling; Press the soft part of the finished product with your thumb. Around your thumb, there will be many small and uniform patterns in the leather. Lift your thumb and the patterns will disappear. outdoor sofa Focus on the frame

Solid wood frame is the foundation of deep outdoor sofa. When purchasing solid wood leather sofa, be sure to check whether the frame is firm and find out the material used for the frame of solid wood leather sofa. First look at the frame.

Shake the solid wood leather sofa back and forth with both hands. If it feels good and there is no obvious abnormal noise, it shows that the solid wood leather sofa frame is relatively firm.

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Secondly, open the zipper of the bottom cloth under the seat to check the materials used for the frame. If it is log hardwood, there is no polishing, scar, decay and moth, and the joint between materials is engaged with each other by mortise and glued with glue, there is generally no problem. outdoor sofa quality of internal cushion

The top of the sofa seat and the bottom of the back are mostly made of nylon belt and snake net, which are layered and paving high foam, spray glue cotton and light foam. This cushion has good rebound and comfortable sitting feeling.

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 The luxury outdoor sofa is mostly the bottom plate with glued fiberboard as the seat and back, which is layered with medium density foam.

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