How to choose this black outdoor sofa
TIME:2022-04-25 15:56:45 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

The quality of leisure sofa mainly depends on the skeleton, filler "sponge" and fabric. Next, let's look at them respectively. outdoor sofa Skeleton

The frame of sofa is also the frame. It is the key factor that determines the large outdoor sofa and can affect the quality and service life of sofa. If possible, you can choose some well-known functions, because in addition to the wooden frame, there is also a function rack, but you must choose a high-quality function rack.

black outdoor sofa

Now there is a common spring bandage bottom frame in the market: the spring bandage bottom frame is a more traditional process.

Under the condition of the same sponge, the sitting feeling is more elastic. But it is not as strong and durable as the solid wood planking bottom frame. Pine planks are generally imported from Russia.

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2. black outdoor sofa Sponge

A good quality sofa should have a good sitting feeling and be comfortable to sit on. You can choose some sofas filled with high-density sponge, because the sofas filled with high-density sponge are like steamed bread, with good density, q-elasticity, good elasticity and durability.

They can support all parts of the body well, so that the head has a pillow, the back has a back, and the waist has a top Feet are supported, which can make people rest in the most comfortable position.

3. black outdoor sofa Fabric

The sofa is basically used every day. We must choose some fabrics with good wear resistance. We can choose high-precision Imitation cotton linen or cut velvet fabrics.

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It can effectively prevent scratches, even if there are children or pets at home. Finally, this outdoor dining sofa is best to choose one that can be disassembled and washed to solve the cleaning problem.

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