Main advantages of grey outdoor sofa
TIME:2022-04-25 16:13:59 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Advantages of grey outdoor sofa: rattan is a natural material, which is strong and lightweight, not afraid of extrusion, supple and elastic. The rattan sofa made of it is also very strong and durable.

    The modern rattan sofa is mainly made of bamboo and rattan. Different patterns are formed through various weaving techniques and techniques, which changes the previous simple and rough frame in appearance and is more exquisite and beautiful.

     grey outdoor sofa

    grey outdoor sofa also has health, environmental protection, natural freshness, good air permeability and more exquisite and beautiful. Not easy to mold, easy to clean, environmental protection, UV resistance and other characteristics.

    Disadvantages: it is not easy to soak in water for a long time or bake at high temperature; Keep away from sharp tools during use; When moving the sofa, you should support the bottom and move it instead of dragging it; The sofa should be placed horizontally. On the contrary, it is easy to deform; Don't jump on the rattan sofa.

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    The change of harvest season has a great impact; The service life is short and the service time is long, which may produce a small amount of loose parts. Maintenance;

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    If there is dust on the surface of grey outdoor sofa, it can be wiped with a soft wet cloth. The dust between the gaps shall be cleaned with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner, and shall not be wiped with detergent or solvent that destroys the surface of rattan furniture.

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