The details of 3 seater outdoor sofa show the quality
TIME:2022-04-25 16:41:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The 3 seater outdoor sofa can be seen from the handling of some details of the sofa. Well, some sofas are equipped with pillow zippers.

    3 seater outdoor sofa

    The joints are firm and flat, and the bottom of the sofa legs is equipped with anti-skid pads, etc. the details are very in place, and these large outdoor sofa are also very good to use.

    E-catalogue 18-6-1_副本.jpg

    A big defect of cloth 3 seater outdoor sofa is that the fabric is cloth, which is easy to get dirty. It is necessary to remove and wash the cloth cover regularly, so it is also very necessary whether the cloth cover of outdoor sofa and table is convenient to remove and wash.

    E-catalogue 18-6-2_副本.jpg

    When choosing, 3 seater outdoor sofa you can study how to remove the cloth cover. It is estimated that it is not very difficult to install it back. If you can let the salesperson demonstrate, the effect is the best.

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