What are the details of choosing a white outdoor sofa
TIME:2022-04-26 09:34:02 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Whether the white outdoor sofa frame is strong or not is related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. When selecting the fabric sofa, one end of the sofa can be raised. When the raised part is 10cm off the ground, whether the leg of the other end is off the ground can be considered as passing the inspection.

    white outdoor sofa

    The feel of the sofa dining set outdoor is very important. The fabric of the sofa is different. It feels different when you sit on it. Some fabrics even irritate the skin, or one is particularly sensitive and uncomfortable to a certain fabric. When you buy it, you can touch the fabric on the surface of the sofa, sit down and try to feel it, and choose a white outdoor sofa.

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    The key to the filler of the sofa is elasticity. During the inspection, the body can sit on the sofa in a free falling manner, and the body can be bounced up by the outdoor sofa australia cushion at least twice, so as to ensure that this kind of sofa has good elasticity and longer service life.

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    In addition, we have to turn over and look at the white outdoor sofa spring plate, sponge and other fillers. Good sofa springs are treated with rust prevention.

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