black outdoor chairs methods of American courtyard
TIME:2022-04-27 09:12:14 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    American style courtyard style is relatively easy to plan. The prominent feature is that the plants in the courtyard are arranged neatly, rather than alternating high and low, clusters and clusters like the British style courtyard.

    By changing the arrangement of black outdoor chairs, we can create a different American courtyard.

    black outdoor chairs

     Placing the courtyard furniture near the wall around the courtyard and leaving the middle area is equivalent to planning a large-scale empty area in the middle of the courtyard, which is suitable for families with children at home and convenient for playing with children in the courtyard in daily life.

    The courtyard is decorated with luxurious black outdoor chairs to create a "rough" garden different from the traditional small and fresh style.

    E-catalogue 18-10-1_副本.jpg

    The stereotype of the garden is usually petty bourgeoisie, fresh and pleasant. However, if we "violate" this traditional idea a little and decorate the garden with more elegant outdoor furniture, we will gain a different effect and style.

    E-catalogue 18-11_副本.jpg

    In the courtyard space, a complete set of black outdoor chairs is used to create the courtyard visual center. This method gives the focus of the courtyard to the courtyard furniture, makes people focus on the outdoor furniture, and enhances the practicability of the courtyard.

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