Add outdoor high table to the backyard garden
TIME:2022-04-27 09:14:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Hot sunny days, instead of wasting midsummer light years in the air-conditioned room! It's better to enjoy the sunshine and air. Of course, it's not to let you go out on hot days - but to create a beautiful and fresh outdoor living area at home - backyard or balcony garden.

    But today we don't talk about the maintenance of flowers and plants, only about the selection and collocation of outdoor high table. In fact, both the courtyard and the garden balcony belong to our daily living area. Since it is a living area, it is natural to have furniture full of life.

    outdoor high table

    In recent years, the concept of outdoor living room has been accepted by more people. What is outdoor living room? Literally, it is not difficult to understand that the traditional indoor living room is moved to the outside.

     In order to pursue a more comfortable living environment, more and more people will place some tables and chairs in their backyard or balcony and plant all kinds of climbing rattan flowers, so as to enjoy the outdoor light in the four seasons.

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    As a result, the market of outdoor high table in China has gradually opened up. According to relevant data, in 2015, 30% of the global outdoor furniture market was in China! It can be seen that a beautiful courtyard life has increasingly become the home dream of Chinese people!

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    In the eyes of many people, outdoor furniture may be the rest tables and chairs, swing chairs, etc. in fact, it is not. outdoor high table is a big concept, which mainly refers to the furniture used for public activities or personal leisure outdoors and semi outdoors, which is mainly divided into four categories.

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