Close connection of all kinds of square outdoor table
TIME:2022-04-27 09:28:16 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In addition to the main square outdoor table sales in home stores, many department stores and supermarkets have joined the forefront of outdoor furniture sales. Except that summer is the sales peak of outdoor furniture, everyone wants a share.

    An important reason is that outdoor furniture is closely related to the consumption of many other outdoor products, and many shopping malls and supermarkets sell many outdoor products. Therefore, outdoor products are also added to provide consumers with one-stop purchase services, becoming an important outdoor furniture sales channel in addition to home stores.

    square outdoor table

    Outdoor furniture mainly includes four categories of products: urban public outdoor furniture, courtyard outdoor leisure furniture, commercial outdoor furniture and convenient outdoor furniture.

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    The consumption boom of square outdoor table is inseparable from the current trend of outdoor leisure. In leisure time, going camping and barbecue outdoors, or drinking tea and chatting with friends outdoors and enjoying outdoor leisure life have become the lifestyle of more and more urban people. Their longing for rural life has also become a fashion of urban people's life.

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    In addition, in recent years, real estate developers have packaged the top floor and the first floor into a naturalistic or leisure style or introduced balconies and entry gardens in urban buildings or with terraces and gardens as highlights, making courtyard life a home dream of more and more people, which has also contributed to the huge demand for square outdoor table.

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