marble outdoor table to create indoor vacation style
TIME:2022-04-27 09:33:30 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In the past two years, all marble outdoor table people have been shouting that the market is becoming more and more difficult, channels are difficult to expand, sales are difficult to do, and the furniture industry is about to change.

    In the overall "not so good" furniture market, old wrought iron chairs, as an industry segment, is unexpectedly popular.

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    As we all know, outdoor furniture is mainly used in outdoor open public space, such as swimming pool, beach, terrace, balcony and so on.

    The main applicable objects are beaches, hotels and clubs dominated by engineering, and some villas will be used;

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    With the rise of seaside tourism and vacation, the surrounding boutique B & B and star hotels are all marble outdoor table, and even outdoor furniture is used indoors.

    Different from indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is very particular about its material. It should be able to resist long-term sun and rain. In addition to its function, it should also consider comfort. Its durability is very prominent.

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    At present, it is precisely these advantages that are promoting marble outdoor table to "enter the house" and enter the indoor space from the outdoors.

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