What are the differences between outdoor patio furniture and indoor furniture?
TIME:2021-11-24 14:21:44 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Compared with indoor furniture, the most outstanding feature of outdoor patio furniture is the use of materials and internal frame structure.

    High-end outdoor furniture needs to consider UV erosion, extreme environmental temperature, low temperature, climate and humidity changes, weak acid, weak base, etc. . For outdoor furniture, in the selection of materials, the outdoor resistance to natural eco-climate should be fully considered.

     outdoor patio furniture

    The choice of the Interior frame of the furniture is also an important aspect. Lightweight is the most important element in this field. In addition, the frame of outdoor patio furniture should be formed with minimal solder. The effect of external natural conditions in favor of deformation can be reduced by maintaining robustness.


    The design of rattan-woven outdoor furniture focuses more on people's inner feelings, with the themes of streamline, arc, leaves and flowers, bringing outdoor furniture closer to nature, to give the outdoor furniture poetic refinement and temptation. Its design principle is a body curve in line with the two main reference points and its own material quality characteristics. The overall structure of the smooth and rhythmic shape, so that the perfect combination of body and mind, to obtain their best sense of belonging. With the development of information technology, designers can not only improve and innovate on the basis of certain standardized working parameters, this will directly affect the performance and size of outdoor patio furniture, aesthetic and ergonomics of the combination.


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