Ode to white outdoor rocking chair
TIME:2022-04-29 09:45:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    white outdoor rocking chair, when electric shock, thunder, storm and rain gather, you unswervingly stick there, let the wind and rain blow, and experience change again and again.

    Gradually accustomed to the baptism of nature, your gorgeous coat is broken and reveals the essence of you. However, your extraordinary body seems more illegal.

    white outdoor rocking chair

    The outdoor garden furniture, after the passage of years, becomes bald with few edges. Like an old man, you are not so strong and straight, but you still stay there and smile at everyone and every pair of people who rest.

    white outdoor rocking chair, when you are incomplete, the remains of your bones fall on the fertile soil of the people you once welcomed for a while, still moistening the lush shade.

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    When people look for, look back and see the place where friendship and true love were once born, the beautiful visions of the past remain in their memory, intertwined with sadness and happiness, and can not be subsided for a long time.

    outdoor bistro chairs, you leave friendship for the world, sow hope, and witness the selfless dedication of love to a real life.

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    white outdoor rocking chair, the starting point of friendship, the source of love, the cradle of love, the defender of fate, praise your brilliance, accompany and eulogize your brilliant dedication.

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