Cleaning process of outdoor bar table and chairs
TIME:2021-09-10 16:46:11 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The outdoor bar table and chairs is made of aluminum alloy frame combined with PE rattan, and is equipped with waterproof cotton as cushion and pillow. Water and detergent are better cleaning products for leisure recliner.

    Because the rattan material is more comfortable, and the garden coffee tables is relatively light and easy to move, its service life will be longer. Therefore, when cleaning the outdoor bar table and chairs, we should use clean water and detergent, and air dry it after cleaning, but for the parts that cannot be cleaned.

    outdoor bar table and chairs

    We should oil it with paint. Remember not to eradicate the upper part, because the uneven material on it may cause accidents.

    As for the metal part, we need a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust on it, and then use it to wipe it with a dry cloth. The color of the cushion of the recliner is very bright, just in line with the advent of this winter. Are you excited to see this recliner.

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    outside garden table is very practical in our life. When we work all day, we can have a rest on the balcony when we get home, and we can sit and lie down.

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    Leisure lounge chairs are generally very easy to clean. When purchasing outdoor bar table and chairs, we must choose lounge chairs with firm structure and no structural errors.

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