Rope woven old wrought iron chairs
TIME:2022-04-29 09:49:16 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the continuous development of the times, people began to pursue the purity of the most primitive handicrafts. iron patio chairs has gradually become the trend of the times. The simple and beautiful shape combined with the warm and simple rope old wrought iron chairs seat is so exquisite and durable.

    In the hands of designers, a rope can not only be used to tie things, but also create everything and bring a better experience to our home life. The reasonable integration of rope weaving technology into furniture design is not only a transformation and refinement of the traditional rope weaving technology, but also an obvious improvement in the aesthetics, comfort, economy and old wrought iron chairs.

    old wrought iron chairs

    Rope woven furniture is made with a thread from hand to finish. In the transformation process of surface and body, from the linear characteristics of materials, rope weaving technology is applied to make two-dimensional surface materials, and then combined with the hard frame design of furniture, so as to achieve the three-dimensional feeling of space.

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    Rope woven furniture is a kind of old wrought iron chairs. It takes the wooden frame as the main bone, uses the rope as the clothing, and adds metal as the reinforcement in the wooden frame, so as to achieve the design goal of combining soft and hard.

    Rope weaving technology has existed in various places in China, but different regions have different characteristics. For example, Yunnan, Guangxi and other regions belong to the regions with more developed rope weaving technology in China, which is mainly characterized by national style, and the woven products have their own characteristics.

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    At present, rope weaving is no longer an ornament. Taking rope weaving as a process and culture and reasonably applying it to stacking garden chairs design and manufacturing is not only an inheritance and protection of rope weaving technology, but also will lead the trend of furniture design.

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