Advantages and disadvantages of stackable rattan chairs
TIME:2022-04-29 09:49:57 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

One Advantages of rattan furniture

1.Rattan is a kind of natural material, which is strong, light, not afraid of extrusion, elastic and soft.

2.stackable rattan chairs is also strong and durable. Modern rattan furniture mainly uses bamboo and rattan bending to form different patterns through various weaving processes and techniques, which changes the previous rough skeleton in modeling and is more exquisite and beautiful.

3.Among rattan furniture, living room furniture is the most fashionable rattan furniture. The stackable rattan chairs woven from rattan core has the style and color matching.

stackable rattan chairs

The tables and chairs made of rough vines have the flavor of the times and give people a unique feeling. The cushion vines, simple small bookshelves and bookshelves from floor to ceiling are very coordinated and beautiful.

3. Rattan home also has the advantages of health and environmental protection, natural freshness, good air permeability, comfort and practicality, not easy to mildew, easy to clean, environmental protection, UV resistance and so on.

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Two Disadvantages of rattan furniture

1.It is not suitable to soak for a long time or bake at high temperature. When using, it should be strictly away from sharp tools. When moving furniture, it should even move without hard resistance. The furniture pendulum should be kept horizontal. On the contrary, it is easy to deform and does not rebound stackable rattan chairs;

2.It is greatly affected by seasonal changes.

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3.It has been used for a long time and may produce a small amount of loose parts.

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