Classification of 2 rattan chairs
TIME:2022-04-29 09:51:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The first is the classification of rattan materials. The rattan of Rattan Ware is also different from that of 2 rattan chairs.

     Rattan is divided into local rattan and imported rattan. The best rattan is the rattan in Southeast Asia. There are agate rattan, jade rattan, chicken heart rattan, tofu rattan and so on.

    2 rattan chairs

    Different kinds of black rattan furniture are also suitable for different rattan utensils. Some are suitable for weaving, some are suitable for looping back, and others are suitable for skeleton.

    Then there is the classification of rattan. Rattan Ware can be divided into whole rattan and rattan wood. The former is made of 2 rattan chairs materials for skeleton and decoration.

    E-catalogue 17-8-1_副本.jpg

     which is suitable for some rattan chairs, rattan shoe racks, rattan crafts, etc. the characteristics of rattan are light and dexterous, and the style is light and dexterous.

    E-catalogue 17-8-2_副本.jpg

    The latter is more used in some large luxury rattan furniture or rattan chairs with special design. Generally, solid wood is selected as the frame, so rattan weaving rattan art decoration, such as some rattan chairs, Teng wardrobe, 2 rattan chairs, rattan bed, etc., has a heavier style and more elegant style.

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