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TIME:2022-04-29 10:58:29 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    To say that this year's most fashionable home element, this medal must be awarded to faux wicker chairs. Rattan furniture has a strong natural flavor, diverse styles and strong practicability. Fresh and elegant, suitable for use in a variety of occasions.

    Indonesia, located at the equator, produces a very good quality vine. Due to its geographical location, Indonesia's climate is dominated by tropical rain forest climate, and both sunshine and rain are adequately supplied.

    faux wicker chairs

     In addition, Indonesia also has fertile volcanic ash. These high-quality natural conditions enable Indonesia to grow good rattan, which is a high-quality material for the production of stackable wicker chairs.

    faux wicker chairs is also a kind of furniture with a long history in the world. Whether in China or abroad, people have used rattan to weave household products since a long time ago.

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    Even in today's material rich, even at this moment when fashion elements are constantly changing, rattan weaving is also the most in fashionable element.

    Light and breathable is a major advantage of rattan furniture. Even if the space is relatively narrow, placing rattan furniture will not make the space seem narrow, but can create a fresh and warm home atmosphere.

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     The durability of rattan weaving is very strong, and the daily maintenance and care is much simpler than cloth furniture, leather sofa and so on. Choosing faux wicker chairs with other household products is the most fashionable choice.

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