Problems needing attention in daily use of grey wicker dining chairs
TIME:2022-04-30 09:29:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. Avoid being close to fire source and heat source

In the north, the radiator for heating in winter is the enemy of grey wicker dining chairs. If the rattan seat is placed close to the radiator, about a month later.

 it will be found that the rattan close to the part has long been dry and brittle, and the toughness becomes poor, which is difficult to recover after being made; Some parts connected with natural glue are shaky.

grey wicker dining chairs

 Therefore, remember that rattan products should not be close to the fire source and heat source. If you want to put very hot food such as pot and casserole on the rattan table, you must remember to put a heat insulation pad.

2. grey wicker dining chairs Keep ventilation

The cross section of rattan is covered with fine conduits, so stone side table can absorb a certain amount of water. However, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose structure, flat drooping, and mildew is easy to occur in the woven mesh.

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3. grey wicker dining chairs Moth proof

What should I do when I find that there are moths in some rattan furniture? Pepper noodles or sharp pepper noodles can kill insects and moths, and do no damage to vines.

Stir fry and grind half a liang of fine salt together, insert it into the hole, and then wrap it tightly with plastic cloth or small plastic to prevent the smell from leaking out. The same is true for chili noodles.

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When the moth surface is sealed for 24 hours, untie the plastic cloth, partially fill the moth surface with boiled water, and kill all the residual moths. Finally, dry it with a soft towel to prevent the spread of moths.

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